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Business seminar in Stockholm

Business seminar in Stockholm

On 14 April, Nexum Insurance Technologies together with the Embassy of Latvia in Sweden, Latvian Investment and Development Agency and Blue Bridge Technologies organized a business meeting for insurance companies in Sweden: “How modern technology can help to improve the efficiency of insurance business? Opportunities and case studies”. The seminar was held at the Embassy of Latvia in Stockholm.

The business meeting addressed the main issues and challenges in managing the Internet distribution channel, product and risk management, claim processing to set up a successful model for profit maximization. The main focus of the meeting was on the modern Internet based technologies available to insurance companies in Sweden and the case studies of successful applications in other countries.

After the welcome address by H.E. Ms. Maija Manika, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and presentation from Ms. Austra Kreslina (Head of LIAA), several keynote speakers addressed the aforementioned issues:

  • Mr. Markus Norling, Proposition Manager, Personal lines Sweden, Trygg-Hansa
    How Internet sales in insurance has the potential to transform a whole industry with price aggregators as an example. What are the general trends and challenges in Internet sales of insurance?
  • Mr. Mikael Johansson, Chief of Webstrategy and Sales at Moderna Försäkringar
    Online marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising, and sale. This is many times a key success factor in order to become a big player on the Internet. Many insurance companies still have online Marketing divided into different business areas with present and future negative consequence as results. How shall one think in order to be successful on the Internet?
  • Mr. Tomas Sinicki, Nexum Insurance Technologies
    In Sweden, for instance, more and more insurers are using Internet distribution channel as they continue to balance the needs of different groups of consumers against the cost of distributing their products and services. The main question is whether insurance companies reach their customers in the most profitable and cost effective way. Moreover, what are the main opportunities and challenges in dealing with Internet distribution channel?
  • Mr. Andrejs Strods, CEO at Blue Bridge Technologies
    Business Benefits of Electronic Claim Processing in Private Health Insurance. Topics: How switching to electronic claim processing is helping insurance companies save costs and improve relationships with clients and business partners. How technology enabled insurance products are helping to grow the business without growing costs. How modern lightweight technologies and flexible business models make adoption of new solutions easy and affordable as never before.
  • Mr. Christer A. Holm, Partner and Lawyer, Advokatfirman NorelidHolm KB
    What are the latest issues in Swedish insurance industry and technology innovations from a legal viewpoint? An overview of the Swedish/Scandinavian insurance-market from a risk-perspective and how it has been affected by the financial crisis such as D&O-claims and related risks (e.g. class-action – claims).
  • Mr. Jacob Kramer, Market Specialist, Property and Casualty, Länsförsäkringar AB
    What is the best role of Internet in your distribution strategy and how do you evaluate the efficiency of Internet as a distribution channel? Challenges and opportunities – a case study of Länsförsäkringar.
  • Mr. Carl-Magnus Löfström, Digital Strategist, AFA Försäkring
    How to facilitate claims over the Internet when the customers do not know that they already are insured. The main emphasis of the presentation will be on working with social media to drive traffic for collectively bargained insurances.

The business seminar was attended by several largest insurance companies and organizations in Sweden such as Länsförsäkringar AB, If, Moderna Försäkringar, Euro Accident, SalusAnsvar, Tre Kronor Försäkring, Folksam, Swedbank, Trygg-Hansa, AFA Försäkring, SI Consulting, Hannover Life Re Sweden and IDG Sverige.

For more information please contact:

Didzis Klavins
Nexum IT, Business Development Manager in Scandinavia