Corporate background

Nexum Insurance Technologies or Nexum IT mission is to create a team of people that likes a process of achieving excellent results. Specialists at Nexum IT combine their deep understanding of customer needs with outstanding industry know-how and best technologies to reach considerably improved business results.

Nexum IT was established in Riga, Latvia, in 2000. From day one, the overriding aim of the entire organisation is a highly compelling, leading-edge IT solutions to businesses from right across the insurance industry sector and beyond. Through its passion for seeking out a more personal approach, the company sought to offer its customers specialised solutions that would match their individual needs, giving them the ability to operate as efficiently as possible, and enabling them to succeed whatever the market conditions, and whatever challenges they faced.

Boasting a team of thirty highly trained professionals, each with extensive knowledge of insurance related processes and bespoke application development, the company cooperates with some of the major financial groups present in Scandinavia and the Baltic States (Länsförsäkringar AB, Swedbank, RSA Group, Unicredit Bank and Finansportalen), as well as far beyond.

Ownership structure

Nexum Insurance Technologies is a subsidiary company of Tilde, which is the leader in the market of Baltic language software products.  The company offers products that cover localized fonts, Latvian and Lithuanian language support, proofing tools, electronic dictionaries, Internet TV, finance and accounting systems, multimedia products, as well as e-management systems. Directly or through a third party, Tilde has localized the products of such global companies as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung, to name just a few.

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