Building successful and long-lasting relationships is a key component of the Nexum IT vision, allowing its customers to benefit from new ideas and original concepts that evolve from the collaboration with an innovative, forward-thinking company. By maintaining this central focus on the relationship between provider and customer, Nexum IT succeeds where others fail, by ensuring that successful projects cost less to implement, whilst radically reducing the burden upon the business to analyse & specify requirements during the project-build and the measurement of eventual outcomes.

Overview of key projects

Forbrukerrådet (Norway) – (2010-2012)

In 2010, Nexum IT won the international competition for the development of non-life insurance calculators to facilitate an Internet-based comparison of financial services. The tender was organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion. The initiative came from the Norwegian Consumer Council and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. This was relatively complex project, both for its technology and for the management of the many independent parties in the project. The main systems integration solution was a web portal, which summarizes best insurance deals across insurance companies and offers them to end-user. Nexum IT team created use cases, UI prototype, architecture, security, WS client, DAO’s and notifications, as well as fully  designed and developed the system by using the following core technologies: UI application, integration with insurance companies web services, PostgreSQL 8.2, JAVA, JSP, HTMLUnit, Tomcat, JQuery 1.4.2, JQueryUI, Spring 3 (webmvc, ws, security, jdbc, batch), XStream, Tomcat 6, Redmine.

Swedbank Sweden and the Baltic States) – ICT Consultancy (2007-2011)



Over the last four years Nexum IT has launched more than 30 projects, including Project management services (14 months duration); Body leased analysis and development team for Asset Based finance to do a work on New Leasing system ALFA implementation (11 months duration, body-lease team on average 10 specialists); Insurance related projects (fixed price projects in amount of 250 000 EUR); Insurance Integration Consultancy for Swedbank Sweden. The most common activities of all projects were as follows: 1) Create project plan and provide estimates; 2) Project progress tracking, post implementation support, source code delivery; 3) Create use cases, UI prototype, Architecture; 4) Design and develop the system; 5) Develop changes and automated regression tests; 6) Deliver release.

Ateshgah (Azerbaijan) – Business and Technology Analysis Services/IT Consultancy (2009-2012)

Atəşgah Sığorta

Atəşgah Sığorta

In the fall of 2009 Ateshgah management team was looking to introduce a new core IT system in order to achieve company goals defined by shareholders, i.e. reduce operational costs and increase market share. Considering that Ateshgah had time and budget constraints, Nexum IT consultants worked onsite to interview Ateshgah personnel and write the final report. Moreover, Nexum IT provided insights into new business opportunities and technologies. Business and technology analysis conducted by Nexum IT provided a solid ground for the management of Ateshgah to make decisions regarding business practices, process improvements and IT investments. As a result Nexum IT has implemented for Ateshgah core business system, which includes MOD, CMTPL and Corporate Accident insurance products. Cooperation continues with other product and Finance module implementation being next in line.

Azerbaijan Compulsary Insurance Bureau (2010-2012)

Azerbaijan Compulsary Insurance Bureau

Azerbaijan Compulsary Insurance Bureau

Nexum consultants helped to establish idea and created vision of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau in Azerbaijan. Nexum proceeded with elaborating requirements for the system and developed a fully functional core business system which is used by Motor Bureau personnel as well as other insurers to issue and manage insurance policies and claims. System also includes B2B web service interface for integrating with insurer company core business systems. All CMTPL policies issued in Azerbaijan make their way into the system either through user interface or web service interface. Nexum continues to maintain the system and agreements are in preparation phase to continue with other compulsory insurance product implementation.

If Baltics – Insurance Management Solution (IMS) based on Microsoft products (2004-2012.02)



In 2004, If Baltics intended to expand its services into the private insurance arena. However, its existing procedures were unable to cope with the expected increased volumes. To resolve this, If Latvia executives sought to automate workflow. If Latvia deployed a customised insurance-management solution/services (IMS) designed by Nexum IT and based solely on Microsoft products. The IMS automated all administration and sales processes across If Latvia operations. The main benefits were the following: 1) Ten-fold boost in efficiency due to automation; 2) Rapid development using Microsoft solutions and tools; 3) Significantly reduced reporting and administration costs; 4) Improved security using Terminal Services; 5) Sizeable competitive advantage due to new architecture. Moreover, Nexum IT also implemented a virtual brand running both in Latvia and Lithuania selling transport insurance. As a part of project Nexum IT developed a pricing calculator communicating to the backend systems through the WEB services. Backend system and WEB services were also developed by Nexum IT.

Länsförsäkringar (Sweden) – Development of Xml-based Reporting Solution and Legacy Systems Integration (2009-2010)



Nexum IT developed back-end systems integration and reporting solution, which upon request from Länsförsäkringar (LF) partners – insurance brokers pulls together information about LF insurance policies from several LF-owned databases and converts it to a Swedish standard MIS and SAK XML format, ready for distribution to the partners. Solution operates within LF’s hardware infrastructure, uses LF’s existing security and logging frameworks and is built according to LF’s software development patterns and practices. The project was based on Microsoft technologies of BizTalk 2006 R2, Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET web services and custom-written XSLTs for data transformation in target XML formats.

Aizkraukles Banka (Latvia) – Reducing Operational Risk (2010)

AB.LV banka

AB.LV banka

Nexum IT has helped Aizkraukles Banka improve the efficiency of operational risk management (ORM) with its automated solution. It has provided the bank with a high-level view of the operational risk issues which otherwise would have been very difficult to understand. Nexum IT introduced several new features, which are currently used by personnel. Thus, for instance, Nexum ORM solution gives Aizkraukles Banka automated reporting functionality that can be integrated into existing intranet portals, help desk and Internet bank systems. It also provides straightforward web forms to report incidents and these forms can be accessed from almost any department within a company. The solution features a centralised loss database structure optimised to store operational risk data and also sophisticated tools, as well as interfaces to collect loss information while classifying, routing, controlling and closing incidents. Moreover, Nexum IT provided training to the IT administrators and analysts and continues to make available second and third level support. Summarizing, the solution has enabled the bank to achieve its goals of reducing the level of operational risk, meeting compliance regulations, automating reporting and notification functions and centralising the operational risk database.

RSA (Estonia) – Development of TIA-based Online Claims application (2009)

Nexum IT consultants developed web claims solutions for partners based on TIA technology. The main activities of the project were as follows: 1) Create use cases, UI prototype, Architecture; 2) Design and develop the system (UI application, web services, DB integration for TIA, PL/SQL, J2EE, JSP, HTMLUnit, Websphere); 3) Prepare EAR files for deployment on Websphere server, create installation and setup guide (application configuration, logging, datasources and security) for Websphere deployment

Aviva (United Kingdom) – (2011)

Nexum IT assisted Aviva to launch new online brand ‘Quote me happy’, which provide fully comprehensive insurance only and is aimed at lower risk motorists who are aged between 21 and 75. Cover includes personal accident and a courtesy car as standard with a range of options to add on for those wanting more extensive protection. The role of Nexum IT consultants was to focus on fast and deep understandings of existing codebase and its architectural layering and interdependencies. The main challenges were system codebase size and amount of external dependencies and integration points. The project was based on the following technologies: .NET 3.5, C#, Web Services, ASP.NET, IIS, jQuery, jQuery UI, MS SQL, Hudson and Redmine.

Other significant projects and customers

Unicredit logo Unicredit Bank
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia: business process management system
Medicinos bankas
Lithuania: operational risk management solution
AB Logo Aizkraukles banka
Operational risk management solution (see case study).
AS Parex Bank
Business process management solution’s development and maintenance
Parex logo
LT Logo Lietuvos Draudimas
Latvijas Transportlīdzekļu apdrošinātāju birojs
Data analysis project implementation on Business Objects basis. Business process management solution implementation
Motor insurance bureau Lithuania Motor insurers’ bureau of the republic of Lithuania
Information systems and business process audit.  Consulting.
AAS Baltikums Dzīvība B-logo-1
UIA AXA Ukraine
Ukrainian Insurance Alliance: business process management system Ultimus implementation for costs process management


Nexum IT would like to provide a number of references that can be contacted to obtain additional information about the past performance and capabilities of company’s team:

Fredrik Lidman
Länsförsäkringar AB
Head of Application Development and Management
Tegeluddsvägen 11-13, Stockholm
Phone: + 46 8 588 410 37

Lars Österman
Swedbank Sweden
Head of IT, Project Manager, Head of Insurance Products
Brunkebergstorg 8
Phone: + 46 8 585 903 46

Johan Arktell
Swedbank Sweden
Head of Swedbank Life & Pension
Brunkebergstorg 8
Phone: + 46 8 5859 2874

Jon Erland Madsen (Norway)
Senior Adviser, Web Coordinator Insurances
Rolf Wickstrøms vei 15, Oslo
Phone: + 47 23 40 05 83

Signe Bāliņa
President of The Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association – LIKTA
Stabu 47-1, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia
Phone: +371 67311821