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SI Consulting – a financial consulting company which strength is business knowledge in combination with IT knowledge especially within finance, insurance (Solvency II) and banking (Basel II/III).  The main business areas of SI Consulting are strategic advices, financial systems, architecture, system implementations, processes, analysis of requirements, development, test and accounting. Its strength is also experience from different line positions within financial industry in combination with consultancy.

Christer Dannäs and Caroline Pettersson are our associate project leaders for implementation of Nexum Insurance Management System (IMS) in Sweden. Christer has long and deep experience within financial industry and especially insurance. He has been working with Life, non-life and Health in both Skandia and If insurance. In If he has had cooperation with Nexum IT both in Baltic and Russia projects. Christer has in recent years also built up excellent competence within actuary, capital management, investment and Solvency II. For many years Christer has worked in the following companies: IT Manager, VP at If Skadeförsäkring AB; Board member at Lindorff IT; IT Manager at If P&C Insurance; Board member Adviso IT at Adviso AS; CIO Corporate IT at Skandia; CIO at Ackuratess AB; IT Manager/Head Project Leader at Skandia; Stadshypotek/SHB at Stadshypotek/SHB and IT Manager at Ericsson. Caroline Pettersson has experience as a project manager within test at larger banks (Basel II) and insurance companies (Solvency II). Unique knowledge at interpreting and documenting the Solvency II requirements, experience from working with QIS4/QIS5, business and reporting processes.

SI Consulting AB, Stockholm

SI Consulting AB, Stockholm

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