At Nexum we have extensive knowledge base, flexible platforms and highly-skilled professionals, that allow us analyse your request and prepare solution that not only will suit your current needs but also – provide for further company growth.

The solutions provided by Nexum IT are:

  • Insurance Management System - Complete software solution for non-life insurance business
    • robust and flexible tool for policy administration;
    • sales channel management;
    • underwriting, claims handling;
    • other insurance business process features.

    Read more about IMS solution here!

  • Client Portal for Insurance

    Web portal to deliver non-life insurance services to the end customers on the Internet. A personalized and secure Web portal for customers to purchase policies, make payments, follow invoices, claims and personal data.

  • Operational Risk Management Solution
  • Operational Risk Management software for banks and insurance companies to quantify the operational risk under Basel II or Solvency II regime. Perfect match for the businesses looking to develop the internal model or apply the Advanced Measurement Approach.

  • Insurance Web Sales Module
  • Transaction-based Web sales system for non-life insurance. Establishes cost efficient sales channel directly to the customers. Calculates premiums, provides different payment options, issues and delivers the policy to the customer.

  • Claims Control Solution
  • Insurance claims handling platform which integrates customer, experts, claims handlers and external partners into a single streamlined process flow.

  • Debt Control Solution
  • The intelligent system to track debts collection cases, reduce manual efforts, prioritize activities, automate reminders and notifications, improve collection ratios.

  • Bank Assurance Solution
  • Cost efficient and profitable way to deliver a bank and insurance integrated product to the end customer. A win-win cooperation area for the banking and insurance industries.

  • Broker Solution
  • Internet-based system to establish the insurance sales channel via partners – agent or broker networks.

  • Ultimus Add-ons
  • A stack of business process automation tools which deliver significant administrative cost savings, bring control to the process, ensure smooth flow of activities and significantly reduce manual operations.

  • Insurance Management System Suite
  • Complete insurance management solution including back-office insurance management system, broker solution, self-service policy sales Internet client portal and solution for claims management.

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