Insurance Management System

Combining state of the art customer relationship management technology with the latest business process management solutions, the Nexum IT Insurance Management System (IMS) is a highly robust and flexible tool for today’s insurance business.

IMS is Customer Relationship Management-based, Business Process Management-driven software, built on the latest Microsoft technology.  It is a customer oriented policy administration system for insurance companies, which provides comprehensive support for insurance business processes.

IMS offers the following functionality:

  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Insurance Premium calculation;
  • Expert approval process;
  • Insurance proposal generation;
  • Policy issuing and print out;
  • Automatic status change
  • Invoice generation
  • Invoice print out;
  • Claims registration;
  • Claims administration process;
  • Money management;
  • Full reporting;
  • Policy administration;
  • Document management;

System also supports automatic payments (direct debit).

Integration is possible with various private and state institutions for requesting and receiving various kind of information needed in insurance and claims handling processes.

System consists of several discrete modules. Policy sales & administration, IMS Policy claims administration and IMS Claims & Health Insurance module for health claims administration.

Apart from buying insurance management system separately, it is also possible to buy complete insurance management solution IMS Suite with additional functionalities of Internet policy sales, broker solution and claims management.

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