Claims Control Solution

For the customer, one of the most vital elements of insurance cover is the speed and efficiency of a claim. Unfortunately, for most, the only time this service can be truly judged is during an actual claim. Insurers that understand the importance of timely and effective handling of this process also benefit from increased customer loyalty and expanded market share.

In an area of business traditionally dependent upon high levels of manual processing and poor task automation, Nexum IT’s ClaimsPUSH solutions provide effective monitoring tools, increased automation, effective work-flow and transparent, manageable processes that are fully measurable and can increase productivity within a claims department by as much as 60 per cent. Flexible integration with legacy systems offers cost effective, highly sustainable services that extend the operational reach of the insurer in a mission-critical area of business.


ClaimsPush enables selection of an appropriate workflow scheme and optimal work division, based on employees’ workload and level of competence. Small claim payouts can be fully automated, while human involvement in handling of average claims can be significantly minimized.

After registration and policy examination, the system automatically assigns tasks to appropriate personnel, monitors task deadlines, sends out reminders, informs about non-compliance, initiates actions on a higher level and reduces operational risk in other ways.

Nexum ClaimsPush offers flexible integration with existing systems, thereby allowing capitalizing on existing information system infrastructure.

According to pre-determined business rules, ClaimsPush identifies cases of special importance. Level of priority is assigned based on particular characteristics of a claim.

Every employee participating in the process can see her task list, deadlines and history of every claim, which contributes to the greater visibility. Tasks are organised in the order of importance. Therefore employees do not have to judge individually which claims are more important. The system assigns priorities and deadlines in accordance with company’s policies. The rules are managed and changed by the management.

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