Along with a range of industry leading products, Nexum Insurance Technologies is also able to offer its customers a full suite of consultative services:

IT Project Management

  1. Services of experienced Project Managers:
    • 5-10 years of experience in IT project management.
    • Having international work background during past 10 years: UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Russia
    • Ability to communicate in English, Russian, German
    • Hands-on experience with managing outsourced teams both as an outsourcer and as outsourced for prolonged periods of time
    • Working both in client’s office and remotely
    • Project planning, controlling, executing and closing
  2. Conduct projects according to waterfall, iterative or Agile methodologies
  3. Familiarity with:
    • Microsoft TFS 2008 and 2010 as source code repository and integrated issue tracking system for projects based on Microsoft technologies
    • Redmine as an issue tracking system and SVN as source code and document repository for Java based projects.
  4. Setting up and running the complete infrastructure for rolling out regular releases of a major custom software packages (>2Mio EUR budget) including:
    • Continuous and daily builds
    • Daily software packages for quality assurance
    • Weekly, monthly releases to customer
    • Running 2nd line user support infrastructure

Business and system analysis

  1. Services of experienced business and system analysts:
    • 10+ year experience in requirement analysis for various industries (banking, insurance, financial institute, government,  military logistics)
    • SMEs in requirement analysis and processes for insurance and financial sectors with 10+ year experience in field
    • Competence in general ledger, account receivable and account payable, automatic payments, financial planning and following up.
    • Hands-on experience with requirement modelling tools and methodologies for different clients and requirements
    • Experience with workflow integration in IT systems


  1. Services of experienced developers:
    1. 10+ year experience with Microsoft technologies
    2. Especially competent with latest Microsoft tools & technologies:
      • Visual Studio 2010, 2008
      • .NET Framework 4.0, 3.5
      • MVC 3.0
      • HTML, XML, Javascript, Ajax
      • BizTalk 2006 R2
    3. Fluency in C#, VB
    4. 10+ year experienced with Microsoft SQL Server including latest version
      • Development of server side data structures and software logic
      • Administration
      • Performance optimization
    5. 5+ year experience with Oracle DBMS
    6. Experience with creating large, highly configurable software packages based on Microsoft technologies
    7. Long standing highly disciplined approach to software building in line with Microsoft recommendations:
      • Software sizing (FP, COCOMO II, homogenized bottom-up estimations)
      • Logging of effort on project items and tracking remaining work in detail
      • Continuous builds, daily builds
      • Project artefact (specifications, architecture, source code) reviews and follow-ups
      • Usage, definition of and adherence to check-in policies
      • Unit tests to cover majority of business logic code
    8. Experienced in working as members of  international and geographically dispersed teams

Services of experienced software architects

  • Hands-on experience with creating multi-layered, component and service based architectures for >1 Mio EUR budget projects based on Microsoft technologies
  • Working closely with local and foreign Microsoft consultants
  • Performing regular source code and architecture reviews


  1. Services of experienced testers
    • Test creation & review using requirement specifications
    • UI test automation using Visual Studio and Watin framework (NUnit)
    • Daily & weekly reporting on testing results
  2. Performance testing
    • Hands-on experience with performance testing of large system using Visual Studio 2010
    • Compiling performance testing reports with suggestions for optimizations

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