IT Outsourcing

Nexum Insurance Technologies offer IT outsourcing and managed service solutions with each team member having 10 and more years high technology industry experience in a great number of international companies. Customers can outsource their entire IT operations to us:

  • Onsite/Offsite dedicated consultants (from 1 month up to several years);
  • IT technical support;
  • User training;
  • Business Intelligence (financial sector – insurance and banking);
  • Solvency II consulting & implementation;
  • IT maintenance service for short-term and long-term projects.

Every organization’s day-to-day work practices have an impact on their overall efficiency and profitability. Our experts are able to identify processes which waste employee’s time and cost the company money and resources. Our competence helps business grow with successful consulting and services, just to name a few:

Software Consulting – We provide a full suite of consultative services and managed implementations of best-of-breed third-party solutions. Through close alignment with the customer, the team is able to directly manage individual projects with a uniquely “partisan” approach. Along with this provision of high-quality project management facilities, Nexum IT is able to bring to bear a wide range of industry-leading IT solutions, chosen on a case-by-case basis to suit every business scenario.

Project management services – When a business talks about outsourcing, it generally refers to specific pieces of work being handed to a third party, or proprietary IT solutions being bought-in to address a particular business task. We take outsourcing to the next level, with a team of project managers that can integrate seamlessly with your existing personnel and add immediate value at any point in the project life-cycle.

Quality Assurance – The outcome of Quality Assurance is the plan and measures to mitigate a business risk associated with IT systems and external software providers. The common sources of risk are software security breaches, internal and external fraud, software bugs and underperformance. We work to ensure software quality, its bug-free performance, stability and security on a behalf of our clients.

Outsourcing – closer than you think

Nexum Insurance Technologies office in Riga, Latvia

Nexum Insurance Technologies office in Riga, Latvia

Companies often do not have the expertise or resources to keep up with rapidly changing and transforming technological advances. As several enterprises do not see IT as their core area of expertise, this is where Nexum IT can step in and assist.  We offer customers business and system analysis, IT project management, development and testing either on-site abroad or off-site in Riga, Latvia.

Quality and costs

With a track record spanning almost a decade and far-reaching industry experience drawn from a team of highly skilled professionals, a growing number of leading financial services organisations are turning to Nexum IT for strategic guidance, sound advice and cutting-edge IT solutions. In a world where competitive advantage and commercial know-how have never been more vital components for sustainable success, we are ideally equipped to offer outsourcing and take it to the next level. Thus, with our outsourcing solutions and services, companies stand to benefit from more efficient business operations.

Building successful and long-standing partnerships is a key component of the our vision, allowing customers to benefit from new ideas and original concepts. By maintaining this central focus on the relationship between provider and customer, we succeed where others fail by ensuring that successful outsourcing projects cost less to implement.

Nexum Insurance Technologies provide not only high-quality customer references, but also stability and cost-efficient prices!

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