Business Intelligence

Transforming vast amounts of data into valuable knowledge is something that has become critical for every industry, insurance being no exception. Nexum IT’s own firmly established Business Intelligence solution, coupled with a deep knowledge of our partners’ product offering, can help financial services customers to effectively manage data, supported by tools that will analyse performance, identify cost cutting opportunities and highlight trends that can maximise profitability – with the natural outcome of really driving their business forward.Business Intelligence is a data storage system and analysis tool in one.

Different users will use different modes of analysis according to their needs.

A high level manager is able to assess information regarding the departments or regional centres that he or she is responsible for, using whichever criteria he or she wishes, in order to identify those that are performing badly and those which are performing particularly well.

The managers directly responsible for those areas could then use the system to ‘drill down’ and find out why their sector is performing that way. Specialists might then perform still deeper analyses of a particular sector.

In each case, the system facilitates the production of a report to help managers make the right decisions.

Business Intelligence is flexible, and Nexum staff tailors the system to suit the management structure of the company in which it is to be implemented.

Business Intelligence can retrieve, analyze and publish information.

Business Intelligence can be applied to even the most complex data systems to make it easy for users to retrieve, analyse and publish information.

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